E-Lit Exercise

Create an Electronic Literature Project. Plan on paper – think about the story as a diagram of nodes and links rather than a straight line. The image below is an example of this process.

ralphmetcalf’s story diagram

Following these rules/constraints, plan on paper FIRST, then create the story using twine:

A trauma (emotional, physical, psychological) has taken place at Location Choice (choose only 1, action stays in location)

  • city street
  • suburban home
  • tundra
  • car

It involves three characters, one of whom is the participant

  • create a clear role for participant – are they the protagonist, an observer?
  • create at least 3 situations which require a choice or action by the participant which reveals something about them.
  • create at least 3 situations for the participant that will evoke an emotional response.

Include at least two of these

  • a surprise entrance
  • a broken expectation
  • a betrayal
  • a secret
  • a mixed motive

Include a desired object, it can be

  • a piece of rope
  • a person
  • an art object


  • 2-5 minutes of reading time
  • twine nodes/pages 25-50

Janet Murray’s concept of a Violence Hub may be helpful to you.