Twitter-bot Brief

Make a twitter-bot that encourages people to bicycle or walk rather than drive. Think about your bot — who/what is it? Does it have a personality? Leverage humor. Focus on persuasive language. Optionally use images.

If you don’t have programming experience, use Cheap Bots, Done Quick. You can build a poetic, imaginative bot by making rules that create a variety of tweets which it will tweet out randomly.

Bicycle Inspiration

Environmental and Sustainable Twitter Accounts FYI

Tech Tools and Tips

Twitter-bot process

  • Make Twitter Account for your bot
  • Choose/Check out bot-making method
  • Write a short proposal for your twitter bot – 1 page max – 280 characters min(!)
    • describe what it will do & what tools you are using to make it
  • Script/Program bot
  • Make bot’s profile background, avatar & bio on twitter
  • Upload link to your bot to the google doc