Pik and Etty in Progressive Taxation, animation, 2021

Between 1900-1980 the “ninety percent” got richer and the “ten percent” got poorer. This second Pik and Etty video, inspired by economist Thomas Piketty, discusses the role of taxation in spreading the wealth. Pik and Etty are economic commentators and re-enactors. This video is based on statistics in Piketty’s Capital and Ideology. Harvard University Press, 2020. Specifically page 423, FIG. 10.4, pages 448-9, FIG 10.11, FIG. 10.12.

Official Launch of Pik and Etty in Progressive Taxation at the Yes We Cannibal Salon on Nov 21, 2021 at 5pm EST/4pm CST Join us on Yes We Cannibal Twitch

Next Pik and Etty video is “They worked hard for our money!” or maybe it’s “We worked hard for their money.”

#taxes #Piketty #economics #animation #comedy

  • Writer/Director – Josephine Anstey
  • Clay Artist – Lucy Anstey-Pape