Mobile App Brief

Design (and optionally prototype) an app for a Buffalo/WNY organic farm that encourages people to eat locally. The app must follow the eco-ops ethos. The app must include the following functionalities, although you can add others:

For the customers:

  • fill a vegetable box online
  • choose where to pick up veg-box (e.g. at farm, drop-off-points, at farmer’s market)

For the farmer:

  • add/remove vegetables
  • add/remove customers

Some local organic farms for reference.

Note: This is a group project. The focus is on the creative thinking and design phases. There are four key phases for this project:

  • idea -> … spec -> … wireframe … -> prototype
  • you are required to finish the first three, the fourth is optional

idea – brainstorm, generate multiple ideas, do research to get ideas flowing, keep the idea flexible. Answer the following

  • Does this idea fit the brief? Will it promote the eco-ops message? Does it target the eco-ops audience?
  • “Is this idea technically feasible? Can this be made? Who should make it? How would we go about making it? What sort of tools do we use? What sort of data/API/touch points do we need? What are the obstacles facing the implementation of the idea?
  • Is someone else already doing this? Most things today are a remix. While that’s cool, what we can do better? What components of this idea differentiate it from existing ideas? How are we adding something new to the market?
  • Could this be made simpler/differently? Are there other ways to accomplish the same goals? Or, are there other methods that could be more effective and take less time to execute?” Michael Flarup, What you should know about the app design process.

spec – (1-2 pages) put the idea in writing, your spec should include:

  • name of app
  • brief description of the app, what it does, how it fits the brief, how it fits the target audience
  • brief description of visual style with reference image
  • brief tech details, tools, platforms, development environments
  • details of what each team member will do going forward

wireframe – mock up of the app screen by screen, should include:

From What you should know about the app design process.
  • simple drawing of each screen
  • style, layout, location of screen elements
  • user flows from screen to screen
  • indication of connections to databases or API outside the app
  • you may start on paper but the finished wireframe must be digital and slick and convincing …

prototype (optional)

  • demonstrate look and feel of the app
  • focus on finishing the front end
  • back end connections to databases etc. can be mocked up at this stage
  • Note: in addition to programming the app you will need to make/obtain assets – i.e. the screen and design elements, graphics, UI buttons etc. etc.

Tech and Tools – there are many different tools you could use both for making the wireframe and the prototype. I suggest you use what you know as far as possible.

For wireframe:

For prototype