Improvising Consciousness Medicine Show, 2012


Description: Professor Jennifer Ă…rnstay explores the history of human and animal consciousness, introducing diverse and radical theories of mind through the ages. Aided by a real alien intelligence and autonomous robots, Ă…rnstay challenges the audience to uncover the secret future of their own minds.

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Collaborators: Josephine Anstey, Deb Burhans,  Neil Coletta, Courtney, Hatten, Dave Pape, Devin Wilson

Funding and Acknowledgements:
Supported by Digital Humanities Initiative & Media Study UB and Dept. of Computer Science, Canisius College

July 27th and 28th at 6-7:30 Manny Fried, 255 Great Arrow, 3rd Floor
July 29th and Aug 1st at 5-6:30, Burning Books, 420 Connecticut Street