Extra Credit – At Home

As more of you need to stay at home in lock-down we have phased out the outside meditation and exploration extra credit activities. Now you will find an extra-credit journal on UB-learns. Use this journal for extra-credit assignments. Each completed journal entry is worth 1% on your final grade.

Possible Journal Assignments (300-500 words)

  • Pandemic Media – report on media which deals with pandemics – fact or fiction. Can be a film, game, podcast, newspaper article, youtube video, social media. Make connections to other material from this course.
  • Report on a piece of Social and Environmental News related to the pandemic. Can be a podcast, newspaper article, youtube video, social media. Find a creditable source. Explain why you trust it.

In the journal, cite the media, describe the media briefly. Think about the mind-frames that are being used. Then do a PMI as follows.

  • PLUS – what positive silver linings, opportunies or possibilities are created by the crisis and illustrated in the media?
  • MINUS – what dangers are illustrated and how?
  • INTERESTING – what did you find interesting and why?