Blessing, mobile app, 2018

blesser image

Blessing (working title) is an Augmented Reality application for smart phones… And who doesn’t need a blessing now and again? The application augments your camera feed with a virtual character  who blesses you with gesture and audio-visual shower.

The application was inspired by the blessing of a Buddhist monk, it invokes a relationship with mother earth, but makes no other spiritual assumptions, and has no religious affiliation.

 Blessing showed at the Buffalo Infringement Festival, 2018

OR do me the honor of becoming a BETA TESTER!

  • ANDROID Download from play store, search for Blessing Josephine Anstey. NOT guaranteed to work on all phones. If you are so kind as to test it, please send feedback to let me know if it works (!!) or it doesn’t. Please include the make and model of your phone. Most likely to work on Google Pixel Phones and the phones in the list here, but not Samsung Galaxy  S7, S8, S9 (a patch is meant to be coming soon!)
  • IOS Not available yet, except on my IPAD (come to the Buffalo Infringement Festival)