Mrs. Squandertime, simulation, 2011

Description: Mrs. Squandertime lives in a virtual home in real time. She wanders into her living room with a cup of tea, sits, and watches the world go by. Through her large picture window she contemplates boats on the river, the sea, clouds, gulls flying, a ferry passing, the tide going in and out, people on the sea wall. Mrs. Squandertime is part of the slow movement; an invitation to anyone who visits to sit awhile, stay quiet, and contemplate the view.

Mrs. Squandertime, is a real-time simulation of a virtual character, her living room, and the view from her window. This large, projected, persistent simulation is based on a real location. The component images for the seascape are drawn from historical printed sources; their assembly and animation driven by real-time weather, time and tide data. Mrs. Squandertime is rendered photographically in a series of slowly dissolving still images which correspond to her current behavior.


Collaborators: Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape, Intermedia Performance Studio with Actor:Jo Anstey

Soft/Hardware: Python, c++, custom software, projector

FILE Media Art, FILE RIO 2012, Art Galery of Oi Futuro – Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil, March 12th- April 8th 2012.
FILE Media Art, FILE 2011, SESI’ Cultural Centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil July 18th – August 21th, 2011.
Buffalo Infringement Festival @ Space 224, Allen Street, Buffalo, July 28 – August 7, 2011
Buffalo Infringement Festival @ Space 224, Allen Street, Buffalo July 23 – Aug 2, 2009 (early prototype)