Forest 404 Structure

Episode 1: Fiction Log

Title Sequence
0-:24 secs intro

hook – setting context, intro character, foreshadowing
00:30 Pan’s apology -> title
Pan intro’s self, loved work
02:00 Pan story of sitting high in city, enjoying it
02:30 28, her job, librarian, chucking things away
03:25 mention of convocation, decides which noises die

about 1 min each Pan/Daria – soundscape between

03:45 Daria, interviewed her for her job
describes Pan, feared Pan (foreshadowing)

4:45 Pan on job throwing stuff away from slow times
we hear Obama on climate change in the background

5:16 Daria
5:35 Pan deletes Obama
5:50 Daria Human history before cataclysm = slow times
now is fast times
6:25 Pan – throws famous music away
7:05 wonders what it must have been like
throws the moon landing

7:42 Daria on cataclysm, too much data built up/wipes slate clean
except obsolete media
physical city is crushed
8:34 “History is dark, misleading and useless”

8:40 Pan on looking down on city/description of city
9:30 how much of this is built on a lie?

9:40 Daria – data not free, lives physically, needs clearing out
Pan’s diligence becomes a problem
“sentiment is like rust” 10:30

CHANGE IN STRUCTURE/ like a montage in a film
accelerated pace/intensified sense of friendship/link

10:40 Shorter snippets of Pan/Daria describing growing friendship
Pan long work day/impress boss/friend
“standardized friendship model” 11:15
-> Pan tells dreams/Daria tells pension plan 11:36


CHANGE IN STRUCTURE – longer snippet of Pan –

11:40 Pan story – hears the recording that changes everything
what is it?
12:34 wrongitude
13:15 doesn’t delete it

13:41 Daria – switch to tell about convocation/power structure
city beneath, standing in front of the bosses/no faces
chief of heavy data – focus on rapturous recordings
15:00 dirty, hazardous, infectious, viral material

15:30 Pan still listening to same sound (infectious)
emotional response, dream-like

16:12 Daria : Pan took the sound home

16:30 Pan – her mom had gone to diff planet, so talks to Daria

17:25 Daria/Pan snippets as Pan “confesses”

18:10 Daria to Pan’s home having already shopped her
18:30 Convocations Hands = police
19:00 instructions, test questions – give her up/open door
19:45 Daria tries to get Pan to throw sound away


20:00 Starting of Pan getting wiped, D & P snippets
Daria is straight with her/ Pan I will remember

22:00 Credits

23:15 End

Episode 1: Talk Log

0-:24 Intro (same as fiction 1?)

0:24 Title/this is a talk

0:40 Intro Pearl/Pan & first episode background

0:57 Pod talk, Alex Smalley, topic


1:15 Alex – imagine paradise (music theme of Pan Forest repeats)
– time in nature is beneficial

2:14 Old idea, story of 1700s/century medics

2:45 Last 200 years loss of this connection
different direction for medicine

3:15 Problem of Urban Living – constant alert state (sound here?)
4:10 Brain activates stress responses constantly
This has physcial repercussions

5:05 Need for down time/in nature is best
5:27 Brain switch to default network
resting, reflecting, playing with ideas
increases resilience

6:29 Nature helps surgical recovery – 1980s study (evidence)

6:49 Biodiversity helps – don’t know why

7:13 Nature sounds are beneficial but lots of questions to study
which sounds, listen or be immersed etc

7:45 ASK – join the experiment


8:00 Outro and Credits