Group Project 2: Game Analysis

Research, play, and present a video game with an environmental theme (Your games have been assigned). Responses can be short video, powerpoint presentation, prezi, web pages etc. DUE FRIDAY APRIL 2, 11 PM

It should take us between 5 – 10 minutes to view/read your material.

These are some general things to keep in mind:

  • Analyse rather than describe the video game.
  • Think very particularly about what you have to do (search, collect, jump, fight) although games have visual and sound elements they are mainly about action. How does this add to the meaning of a game?
  • Use specific parts of game to ground your points.
  • Use personal experience of game play – how did it make you feel, what did it encourage you to do etc.

All these questions need to be covered.

Never Alone/ Walden/FAR: Lone Sails

  1. Overview of game: basic premise, kind of game, goal of game, message(s) of game.
  2. What are the game mechanics and what gaming experience do they create?
  3. Describe the visual style: images, animations, objects, characters, user-Interface. Why are these graphics chosen? How do they contribute to communicating the game’s message?
  4. Describe the audio. Why are these sounds chosen? How do they contribute to communicating the game’s message?
  5. What is the role of the characters in the game? 
  6. If there is extra information in the game, what is it, how is it handled, why is it there?