Green Media Schedule 2019

Schedule subject to change, please check back regularly 

Special Events

  • Ana Mariella Bacigalupo, Anthropology Professor lecture: “The Subversive Power of Sentient Places: Climate Change, Collective Ethics, and Environmental Justice in Northern Peru” sponsored by the  Environmental Humanities Research Workshop on Friday April 12, from 12-1 in 306 Clemens Hall.  
  • February 5 – May 11, 2019. Jillian Mayer: TimeShare, UB CFA Gallery

BOOKS – check here for notes on reading

Jan 28/30: Week 1
review syllabus, schedule, book, UBlearns,
watch Abuela Grillo, The Animation Workshop, vimeo, info


Feb 4/6: Week 2

HW: Read Haraway Introduction: Write or paste into the blog a short quote from the week’s reading. Write a question or comment about the quoted text.

Media in class: Gasland2 by Josh Fox, 2013, (2:05)

  • finish watching at home
  • Take one small specific part/scene of the media and show how it illustrates an important point/thread/idea that permeates the whole work.

Topic: Haraway/Gasland 2

Feb 11/13: Week 3(Groups Assigned)

HW: Read Haraway Chapter 1; Start Group Project 1

Media Art in Class : Oddkin, Companion Species and String Figures

Topic: Haraway/Media Artists and Enviromentalism

Feb 18/20: Week 4 

HW: Read Haraway Chapter 2

Media in Class: BBC Beautiful Minds: James Lovelock, 2011, (60 minutes)

Topic: Haraway/Gaia Hypothesis

Feb 25/27: Week 5

HW: Start playing game assigned to group AND Read Ecocinema Theory and Practice, Chapter 3 by Andrew Hageman, “do ecocritics dream of clockwork green,” pp 63-66 & 72-77 2012: electronic version available on library course reserve

Media in Class: Tambien La Lluvia, 2010, Icíar Bollaín (1 hr 42)

Topic Hageman/Ideology, Tambien La Lluvia
Media in Class: Tambien La Lluvia (cont’d)

Mar 4/6: Week 6: Group Project 1 DUE

HW: Read Haraway chap 3, 59-76; Start Group Project 2

Media in Class: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, 1984, Hayao Miyazaki, (1 hr 58):

Topic: Haraway/sympoeisis/Nausicaa – (Nausicaa cont’d)
microbes, food, soil

Mar 11/13: Week 7

HW: Haraway Chapter 3, (reread from 71 then) pp 76-98 critical zones – ref Crocheted Coral Reef

Media:  Chasing Coral, Jeff Orlowski, date (1 hr 33) – movie will play out for a few minutes past class time – stay if you can or finish watching on Netflix

Midsemester Review of frames/things to think with

  • Haraway – sympoesis, companion species, matters what stories we think with.
  • Documentary – questions of how “truth” represented, authority, authenticity
  • Hagemann – ideology – form/content levels – contradictions
  • Ingram – cognitive theory – affect, emotion, cognitive
  • Analysis of Chasing Coral with respect to one of these frames


Mar 25/27: Week 9 Group Project 2 DUE

HW: Read Ecocinema Theory and Practice, Chapter 2 by David Ingram, 2012, electronic version available on library course reserve

9.1 Ingram/Cognitive Film Theory/ – this week only blog question due by 10 Monday
Media: Games and VR

9.2 Group Presentations – Games

April 1/3: Week 10
HW: Read  The Ecofeminism of Mad Max by Sarah Mirk: AND Mad Max Fury Road: A Savage Masterpiece of Eco-feminist Violence by faustusnotes AND Haraway Chapter 5 Making Kin (PLUS LOOK AT FOOTNOTES)

10.1 Media: Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015, Dir. George Miller (2 hours): Finish watching at home, you can stream it from a variety of sources including youtube. We stopped at 1 hour 10 mins.

10.2 Topic: Ecofeminism. Media: Mad Max (cont’d)

April 8/10: Week 11
jHW: Read Ecocinema Theory and Practice, Chapter 1, Scott MacDonald , “The ecocinema experience,” part 1 pp 18-36, electronic version available on library course reserve

Media in Class: Reattuning the Mind

11.2 Topic: Reattuning the Mind

April 15/17: Week 12
HW: Listen to Podcast Communicating Climate Change: a psychoanalysis – Science Weekly Podcast, Jan 19, 2017 The Guardian, Start Group Project

Media in class:  Katherine Hayhoe TED Talk

12.2 Topic: Communication

April 22/24: Week 13
HW: Read Haraway Chapter 4, Making Kin

Media in class: The Yes Men Fix the World, 2009 (1:25 start at 8.59)
Optional Media: The Yes Men Are Revolting 2015 (1:57) from $2.99 on youtube

13.2 Topic: Media and Eco-Activism – ONLINE CLASS

April 29/May 1: Week 14
HW: Listen to Podcast The Compass Podcast 3/28/17 Resources 27 mins

Media in Class: When the Levees Broke, Part I, 2006, Spike Lee, (~ 1 hr)

14.2 Topic: Media representations of Environmental Disasters

May 6/8: Week 15, Group Project 3 DUE
HW: Listen to Podcast: Measuring your fashion footprint: Chips with everything podcast

Plastics: a villainous material? Or a victim of its own success? (33 mins)

Sensing and Simulation

Wrap Up and Group Project 3 viewing



  • World’s Challenge Challenge, which takes place on April 2 from 4-6 p.m. in 10 Capen.
  • Go Beyond Plastics with Judith Enck, environmental champion and former EPA Regional Administrator under President Obama. On April 11 at 6 p.m. at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Enck will present on how communities can implement local laws to reduce pollution from plastic packaging.
  • Buffalo Erie Hack, taking place on April 19 from 1-5 p.m. in 210 Student Union. Explore the ideas and inventions from students and other community members that look to solve some of our lake’s biggest challenges.
  • Enjoy the spring weather and take a spin on a bicycle provided by UB Bikeshare.
  • Visit UB Sustainability’s new office space in 101 Statler on April 26 from 4:30-6 p.m. for the opening reception of the Sustainability Art Show, the SLICE Awards and an open house for those interested in connecting to find solutions to the global challenges we face!
  • Network with business leaders committed to sustainable development at the fifth annual Western New York Sustainable Business Roundtable Summit on May 8 at the Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center.