Solitary walks and Meditation: Extra Credit in the Shadow of the Pandemic

Extra credit assignments for DM201 come in three types: exploration, meditation, and walks.  Each assignment is intended to take about an hour. You may only submit one extra credit assignment per day.  You may not repeat assignments. See UB learns for details of submission. Each completed assignment is worth 1% on your final grade.

Use common sense in terms of the new social distancing and in terms of (older?!) concerns about personal safety. For example in the paths around UB, you are advised to walk with a friend.

Available assignments around Buffalo have been marked on this MAP. If you are not in Buffalo, see Contingencies below.

For Walk tasks, follow the marked path.  None of these walks are intended to be particularly arduous.  You are free to improvise your way around crowds for the sake of social distancing.  As you go, document instances of the Chthulucene.

For the tasks marked Explore, go to the place marked on the map.  Acquaint yourself with that space, and ask where it is in that space that the human and nonhuman interpenetrate.  Document it.

For a Meditate task, situate yourself at the point for an hour without any electronic device.  You may bring a phone as a timer as long as you keep it stowed for the hour. Do not bring reading material.  You may bring pen and paper, or a sketchpad, but they are not necessary. Submit whatever evidence seems appropriate as documentation.


  • If you are not in Buffalo: email James with the locale you would like to do extra credit in.
  • If you have mobility issues due to disability or quarantine which prevent you from doing any of these assignments: email James and Josephine to set up alternate arrangements.
  • If in doubt, take care for your health.