2021 Scriptwriting:All Media Schedule

Schedule subject to change: Check back often.

Tues Feb 2
Zoom policies, Introductions, Syllabus, Ublearns, Other Resources

HW: Assignment 1: Write self portrait 250 words. Due Feb 4

Part 1: Creating/generating material

Thurs Feb 4

“How I work.” Semester Plan. Share self-portrait. Generating ideas – is it a fiction/non-fiction, game, short film, web-based, poetic etc. etc.


  • Write: Assignment 2: write or script every day for 10 days on beans or electrons – make a contract with yourself – (each day a different affect/emotion/stance to be evoked in reader/player). Due Feb 16
  • Write: Assignment 3: script concept: start generating ideas for your script. Due Feb 25
  • Read: Sarrasine by Honore de Balzac (text from Project Gutenberg), 30 page short story
  • Read: Roland Barthes, S/Z extract on UB learns, focus on p10 – 30 and make notes of the interpretive codes. ~30 pages. NB The short story is at the end of the extract.
  • Watch/Listen/Read: to Lin-Manuel Miranda – My shot

Tues Feb 9 Words
Discussion: How words make meaning authors’ intentions, audience interpretation for a particular (human) cognition. Reference, connotation, signifying strings. Prosody, rhythm, accent, voice, permission to speak.

HW: Write: Assigment 3: script concept: continue generating ideas for your script.

Thurs Feb 11
Workshop: focus on word-smithing: description, evocation, mood. Description of room to evoke [random emotion]. Ref Three Kings.
Share script ideas. Discussion on ways to grow script concept.


Tues Feb 16 Traditional Form

Discussion: 3 acts, beginning middle and end, how form constructs meaning. What is structure?


  • Write: Assigment 3: continue script concept, notes, drawings, preliminary scenes etc. start 1-2 page description
  • Play: Start playing Karen by Blast Theory – mobile phone or tablet ($1)

Thur Feb 18
Workshop: take one of your script ideas and sketch out a beginning, middle and end aka 3 acts.


Tues Feb 23 – Breaking the form – Brecht

Discussion of Brechtian writing techniques, and as implemented in Venus.
Discuss Elevator Pitch – start writing it.

HW: Write: Finish Assigment 3: script concept: elevator pitch, one page description, notes, drawings and diagrams, preliminary scenes

Thurs Feb 25 –Script Concept Due (elevator pitch, one page description, other material)

  • Workshop: Brechtian writing exercise.
  • Taking and giving criticism,
  • Share Elevator Pitch.
  • Discuss Treatment/Spec. scroll down to “first stage of organizing” for links about film and game treatment/spec


Tues Mar 2  Breaking the form – Games
Discuss games and game structures. What is structure?


  • Write: Continue 2-5 page Treatment or Spec
  • Buy or otherwise acquire ~50 index cards for Thursday’s exercise

Thurs Mar 4 Non-linear writing exercise. Continue Treatment or Spec

HW: Write: Continue 2-5 page Treatment or Spec.

Tues Mar 9 – Treatment or Spec Due

Submit Treatment/Spec. Share Treatment/Spec.

Part 2: Assembling/structuring material

Thur Mar 11

  • Discuss First Draft, 10-15 mins reading or playing time
  • Plan First Draft
  • Useful structures given your own project.
  • Useful organization strategies.


Tues Mar 16: Breaking the form – non-fiction

Discussion Sita, fiction/nonfiction, animation, formal choices. Gathering Cloud, e-essay, formal choices. Appropriation, Voice.

HW: Write: Assignment 5: continue first draft

Thurs Mar 18 workshop TBA


Tues Mar 23 Random and Computational
Discuss Random and Computational strategies – some additional artists/projects below

HW: Assignment 5: continue first draft, make a twitter account, get text editor

Thurs Mar 25 workshop
Generative poetry – cheapsbots or  how to make your own Taroko Gorge remix


Tues Mar 30
Discuss Ozara and Katessa, Her Story, Dialog, Monolog, Natural and Stylized (Brechtian?), Unreliable Narrator, Fragments, Assembly and Re-assembly etc.

HW: Write: Assignment 5: continue first draft

Thurs April 1 workshop
Write in the voice of an unreliable narrator, either a character from your work in progress. Write same scene with natural and stylized speech.

Discuss and Schedule Inspiration Material Presentation: PechaKucha Style

HW: Write: finish Assignment 5: first draft

Tues  Apr 6 – First Draft DUE

Read/Present First Draft – peer groups  (~30 mins per person)

Part 3: Editing/restructuring material

Thurs April 8

Editing: Investment, Fictionalizing and What’s the Point?

HW: Write: Assignment 6: start second draft, DUE see schedule for individual due date.

Tues April 13 – Inspirational Material 1 –Famous, Jesse, Michael C, Xuwen, Jack G, Olu, Joan, Tori, Ed, Naomi

HW: Write: Assignment 6: second draft

Thur April 15 – workshop, dialog and sub text

HW: Write: Assignment 6: second draft

Tues Apr 20 – Inspirational Material 2 –Yao, Kyler, Aliyah, Mark W, Michael D, Tim G, Jack K, Rose, Margaret, Tim Z

HW: Write: Assignment 6: second draft

Thur Apr 22  – workshop TBA

HW: Write: Assignment 6: second draft

Tues Apr 27 Script Readings & Presentations/Critiques
Yao, Naomi, Jack G, Jesse, Michael

Thurs Apr 29 Script Readings & Presentations/Critiques
Kyler, Xuwen, Mark W, Aliyah, Margaret

Tues May 4 Script Readings & Presentations/Critiques
Olu, Tori, Ed, Timothy Z, Jack K

Thurs May 6 Script Readings & Presentations/Critiques
Michael D, Rose, Joan, Tim G, Famous


Andrew Stanton: Ted Talk “The clues to a great story”
Shekhar Kapur: Ted Talk “We are the stories we tell ourselves”