Social Media Posts

Social media can promote awareness of climate change and environmental issues with the goal of stimulating change at social, political, corporate and individuals levels. Some of the experts you will listen to in the Communication material next week, suggest that focusing on positive stories helps energize people, opens their eyes to the possibilities of change and counteracts feelings of powerlessness and depression. One of the experts suggests that little and often – a relentless drip of (upbeat) information – is the best way to reach people.

For this group project you will research evidence-based events, stories, or products that contribute such positive reinforcement and point to the possibility of a sustainable and fairer future for all “critters”. You will post your stories with summaries, images, videos, urls etc. onto a social media platform of your choice. You can make a new account for your group (Snapchat, WeChat, Instagram, Tumblr, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc etc) or use your existing accounts. If you are using existing accounts all group members need to post the story/share the story. NOTE you only need to craft ONE post per group per week.

  • All stories need to be fact-checked, check for any downsides or adverse side effects.
  • All science needs to be reliably sourced.
  • No green-washing.
  • Do not simply re-post other people’s posts but you may include links etc.
  • DUE WEEKLY APRIL 19 – MAY 3, 11 PM Mondays

Submit a draft of the story itself AND links to the post on the social media site(s) in the UBlearns assignment. Provide statistics on the number of likes you got on the previous week’s post. Attempt to go viral!

If you want to discuss this group project further – check in to the zoom meeting this Friday April 9 at noon.