The A Ha! Experience, video, 1988


Description: “In The A Ha! Experience, the young woman returns to an apartment after saying good night to the man. In the bathroom, she removes her jewelry and her clothing, and it is not always clear when we are seeing her, or her image reflected back to her (and us) from the mirror. As she proceeds to her room, she describes her shock at seeing her mother in her bed. Zando juxtaposes two classical psychoanalytic scenes of recognition – the mirror stage and the primal scene. In both cases the identification of woman as object of desire is at stake.” Judith Mayne, “Julie Zando’s Primal Scenes and Lesbian Representation,” Quarterly Review of Film and Video, Vol 15(1), pp.15-22

Collaborators: Julie Zando, Director. Josephine Anstey, Writer

Video: 5 minutes, b&w, sound, 1988

Available from:
Electronic Arts Intermix
The Video Data Bank

Permanent Exhibitions:

The Museum of Modern Art, New York

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