SC:AM 16 Schedule

Mon Jan 25
Introductions, Syllabus, Students
Kinds of writing/Tones of writing

Assignment 1: self portrait 250 words

Wed Jan 27
Random reading of Assignment 1 (3 students)
Good/Bad writing (hand-outs)

Assignment 2: write every day for 10 days on beans or electrons – make a contract with yourself
Reading: Start Playing Her Story

Mon Feb 1
Experimental work, poetics, épater la bourgeoisie
Blast Theory
You the City by Fiona Templeton – in class reading & acting out and discussion

READING: The Cut-Up Method of Brion Gysin by William S. Burroughs

Wed Feb 3
Discuss “You the City
Generating Ideas – germs of ideas, developing ideas, acting out ideas, planning, background writing, snippets
Writing Exercises – idea dating, brainstorm

Assignment 3: script concept

Mon Feb 8
DUE: Assignment 2
Random readings from Assignment 2 (groups)
Discuss Her Story – interactive narrative, tone, unreliable narrator
Discuss: The Cut-Up Method of Brion Gysin by William S. Burroughs
Conscious and unconscious
Writing exercise

Wed Feb 10
Discuss Criticism/Critiquing
Group Discussions – initial script concepts
Writing Exercise – Pick a character (from your project) and create an Unreliable Narrator

Mon Feb 15
WATCH: Philomena

Wed Feb 17
Discuss Philomena –
Andrew Stanton: Ted Talk “The clues to a great story
Shekhar Kapur: Ted Talk “We are the stories we tell ourselves
Reprise Criticism/Critiquing

Mon Feb 22
DUE: Assignment 3
Present Script Concepts – peer groups

Assignment 4: treatment

Wed Feb 24
Discussion of Barthes/Creation of Meaning – reference, connotation,signifying strings
Ad Analysis using Barthes’ concepts

Read: Brecht’s ‘Epic Theater’ and ‘Verfremdungseffekt’
View: Introduction to Brechtian Theater
Read: A Preliminary Poetics for Interactive Drama and Games, Michael Mateas

Mon Feb 29
Role of structure?
Artistotelian and Brechtian notions
Writing Exercise – bring cards – organize project onto cards

Wed Mar 2
What is structure?

  • Useful structures given your own project.
  • Useful organization strategies.

Artistotelian and Brechtian notions
Writing Exercise – organize project onto cards

Assignment 5: First Draft
Mon Mar 7

DUE: Assignment 4: treatment
WATCH: Sita Sings the Blues

View: Shape of StoriesKurt Vonnegut
Read: Syd Fields The Paradigm Worksheet
Optional: Under Story Structures Heading View the McKee videos and/or Interactive Story Structures by Ira Nayman

Wed Mar 9
Structural Analysis of Sita
meaning generated by structure
meaning generated by semantic reference/connotation

Writing Exercise – Pick a character (from your project) and create an Unreliable Narrator


Mon Mar 21
Micha Cardenas Workshop – room 278
Writing Exercise

Wed Mar 23
Discussion of Dialog, sub text
Inspirational Material
Chris Komin, Katie Kostelny, Martine Leigh, Aaron May,

Mon Mar 28
Inspirational Material
Nathan Harvey, Anthony Jillson, Kaitlyn Johnson, Kevin Eng

Wed Mar 30
Inspirational Material
Russel Potter, Alex Randazzo, Brittany Lee, Adam Singh,

Mon Apr 4
DUE: Assignment 5: First Draft
Read/Present First Draft – peer groups

Wed Apr 6
Investment, Fictionalizing and What’s the Point?
Tevin Whitt, Teresa Dirado,

Mon Apr 11
Inspirational Material
Michelle Arriesgado, Chelsea Bahk, Charles Carter, Travis Carter,

Wed Apr 13
Inspirational Material
Eric Chan, Crista Choong, Matthew Dimaria,

Mon Apr 18
Script Readings
Alex, Katie, Teresa

Wed Apr 20
Script Readings
Aaron, Kaitlyn, Anthony

Mon Apr 25
Script Readings
Russell, Michelle, Travis

Wed Apr 27
Script Reading
Martina, Brittany, Adam

Mon May 2
Script Reading
Chris, Matthew, Crysta, Kevin

Wed May 4
Script Reading
Charles, Nathan, Eric, Chelsea, Tevin