Design Document Template

  • this is a dynamic document – change/add/alter it as needed
  • it should be a shared, editable document

Project Name: (this should be used on all elements of project: website, podcasts, bots, social media, apps etc)

Project Vision/Overview: (200-300 words)

Project Design/Graphics: (short description plus reference image)

Project Elements: (list of all project elements with names, urls/links when you have them, example below)

  • website – –
  • social media – FutureSpec – link
  • podcasts
    • FutureSpecPodcast1
    • FutureSpecPodcast2 etc
  • bots
    • FutureSpecBot1
    • FutureSpecBot2
  • other

Project Team: (list names and roles/strengths of all team members, consider both technical and interpersonal skills: for example, graphics, audio, moving image, programming, people, logistics, planning, details, integration)

Project Spec: (details for all elements of the project, content, assets, design, programming, tech, links between elements etc. example for website below)


  • Page Details
    • Homepage – project overview/links to social media
    • Mission Statement
    • Podcast page – overview/descriptions and links to all podcasts
    • Twitter bot page – overview/descriptions and links to all bots
    • Team
  • Tech Details
  • Design/Assets needed

Wireframes/Mock Ups/Story Boards – (as necessary)

Development Tools – (as necessary)

Production Timetable   (start with a rough timetable, refine it as you proceed, indicate who is doing what at each stage, think about the flow between group members, make internal deadlines, goals, mileposts)

  • Initial Design Doc (Nov 10)
  • Three Weekly Updates (Nov 17, 22 and Nov 29 or Dec 1 )
  • Dec 6th – Show Ready