play/share beyond/in, techno-scavenger hunt, 2010

play/share awards

play/share awards

Description: play/share beyond/in is a technology-driven scavenger hunt exploring the history and culture of Western New York though a series of interactive missions. Using SMS-enabled mobile phones the game brings players through the galleries and installations in the Beyond/In Western New York 2010 exhibition, as well as other sites of historical, ecological, or cultural interest.

Collaborators: Cayden Mak, Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape – apologies to the many others, I have lost documentation

Prototype Game,  Buffalo Infringement, July 31, 2010
Final Games, Beyond/In Western New York 2010,  October 16 to October 30, 2010.

Funding and Acknowledgements:
Beyond/In Western New York committee