Green Media 16 Group Project

Wednesday October 19 – Planning Meeting

Post our field trip, you will meet as a group to plan your  group project in greater detail. This needs to be a substantive project in terms of concept and production, as this will be your major work for the semester. I will join you for the last 30 minutes for an informal debriefing.

During your meeting you will need to address as many of possible of the following.

  • response to field trip
  • specifics of project concept
  • specifics of project production
  • audience
  • showing project
  • production timetable
  • role of each student
Wednesday October 26 – Deliverable

As a group  you will prepare and  present a planning document for the project.
This should include

  • project description – 3 page max – including academic citations and references to other similar art works
  • project technical description – 1 page max
  • plan for showing the project – 1 page max
  • production timetable
  • weekly plan for using class time, and format for class time use.

Each Student will produce

  • one page explication of specific role in project