Augmented Reality – sustainable travel

Speculate about the future of travel. If we have to give up gas-guzzling cars how will we move from place to place in the future? Think solar-powered jet packs, flying cars, hoverboards, teleportation. Or will we just stay at home and move virtually? Package your idea as an augmented reality project. Inspirational images below.

Process – the focus for this project is getting familiar with one of two platforms for producing AR (lens studio or artivive). You are required to submit a preliminary sketch of your idea, but the bulk of your time will be spent in getting a handle on the tool you choose and making a finished (if rough) AR project. You should expect to use additional software (for example still, moving image or sound wrangling) to produce your project.

Have fun with this project and cultivate a hacking mentality – if you don’t know how to do something, find a tutorial, ask google etc. etc. The test for these two weeks is in demonstrating that you can teach yourself a new piece of software.

Tech and Tools

  • Lens Studio – software behind snap chat. This is a huge visual programming environment similar to Unity 3D. There are a lot of support tutorials and documentation, but it’s a steep learning curve. If you have experience as a programmer or with big complex software programs (3D modeling programs count) it’s a good choice. Your end product can be displayed on snap chat. You need quite a powerful computer to run lens studio. You will need snapchat on your phone.
  • Artivive – register as a student and download the app to your phone. This is an environment created for artists, creators, and museums and it lets you augment artworks. You build your app with their online tools. Maybe an easier learning curve than lens studio, but it will still be challenging to make something that looks good!