Human Trials, networked VR, 2006

Description: Human Trials is simultaneously a public/private and embodied/disembodied performance. One user enters an immersive VR and is led on an absurd quest. The challenges appears to be about control and the choices one makes with power; but the games are rigged, the characters are duplicitous, the quest is a decoy, and the underlying test is how to cope with disempowerment. Meanwhile the experience is screened for a voyeuristic audience primed by reality TV. The audience members simultaneously watch multiple viewpoints of the virtual world, while live performers, networked into the VE, attempt to entangle the protagonist in their improvisational machinations.

More Documentation of Human Trails on my Archived Website


Collaborators: Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape, Sarah Bay-Cheng, Stuart C. Shapiro, Paul Visco, Anton Hand, Orkan Telhan, Chris Galbraith, Adam Bochenek, Sara Nohejl, Amit Makwana, Mike Kandefer, Albert Goldfain, Jonathan Bona, Nick Bruscia,

Actors: Jennifer Fitzery, Robert Tucker, Bryan Patrick Stoyle

Soft/Hardware: Ygdrasil, Performer,CAVElib, Bergen Maya, Sneps: 3 projection-based or head-mounted VR systems