Podcast Brief: Green City

Bosco Verticale, Milan. Photo Stefano Boeri Architetti.

Make a micro-podcast (audio only) on green cities. You will base your speculation on a contemporary story about cities: economic possibilities, urban greenspace, urban wild-life, urban farms, urban gardens, the reclamation of industrial spaces for parks. Your podcast can be fact or fiction. There are links to some green city stories below, but it would be great if you research your own story.

Remember to pay attention to audio quality – easier to avoid clicks as you record than to edit them out later. BUT the focus is on the creativity of the podcast, excellent writing, energized performance, clear, concise, tight and compelling ideas.

Green City Stories

Tech tools and tips

Podcast details

  • AUDIO ONLY – Sound should be your original recording DON’T plagiarize – you CAN use FX/music
  • Length 1-3 minutes – see examples of short podcasts – 60-Second Science
  • Structure: include
    • intro – sound FX or music + series title (probably 5-10 secs)
    • body of the piece – beginning, middle, end
      • can be single person commentary, interview or more abstract sound design
    • outro

Podcast process

  • Brainstorm and Research Ideas
  • Write Script
  • Source FX/music
  • Record Script
  • Edit Podcast – listen with headphones – re-edit
  • Upload to podcast host
  • Upload link to podcast to UBlearns – CHECK IT WORKS