He Loves Me Not, installation, 2013


Description: He Loves Me Not is an installation of endlessly recombining text fragments that are being written in real time into a journal. The text represents the overwrought stream of consciousness of a character as she attempts to write her way out of endless loops of worry about a love affair. Overtime the journal reveals an obsessive and hopeless love-story. The audience is cast in the role of voyeur: reading the journal; peeping into the distressed mind; empathizing; ridiculing; recognizing her plight. The installation consists of a blank journal, an actual physical book, on a small table or pedestal; a hidden computer; and a projector projecting the text onto the book.

Collaborators: Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape, Intermedia Performance Studio

Soft/Hardware: Python, c++, custom software, pedestal, book, projector

Tempus Fugit, Hi-Temp Fabrication, Buffalo, NY May 3-15 2013
PeepShow: A Secret Worth Keeping, Dnipro, the Ukrainian Cultural Center, Buffalo, NY, Saturday, February 21st,