The Davian Bead Game, installation, 2013


At enormous expense and with incredible technical sophistry Professor Årnstay and her team have fabricated a habitat for a “real, live” Davi alien. Participants are invited to plumb the depths of an alien mind by playing the mysterious Davian Bead Game. The Davian Bead Game is a cognitive exercise related to the Improvising Consciousness Series hosted at

The Davian Bead Game is an autonomous, interactive , mixed media installation that encourages engagement with and contemplation of the right side of the mind. The project creates an environment for a user to play with unconscious & visual cognitive processes by providing a “partner” whose mind only operates on the visual level. The turn-based game is played on the touchscreen and stimulates visual and spatial thinking.

Collaborators: Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape, Devin Wilson

Soft/Hardware: Python, c++, custom software, custom hardware

Improvising Consciousness: The Davian Turn, IEEE Games, Entertainment, and Media, Toronto, ON, Oct 23-24, 2014

Improvising Consciousness: The Davian Turn, Creativity & Cognition 2013 Art Show, Sydney, Australia,
June 17-20, 2013