Eco-ops (fictional company) uses social media to promote awareness of climate change and environmental issues, with the goal of stimulating change at social, political, corporate and individuals levels. You are working for Eco-ops to design podcasts, twitter-bots, mobile apps and AR apps to carry their messages.

Ethos/Ethics – Although not avoiding tough realities Eco-ops focuses on positive reinforcement and the potential of a green future that is fairer for all. Eco-ops is committed to producing evidence-based social media – all messages need to be fact-checked, all science needs to be reliably sourced, no green-washing.

Audience – Eco-ops focuses their campaigns on an age demographic of 15-30.

Eco-ops Current Focuses

  • Green Success Stories
  • Bicycling/Walking not Driving
  • Air Quality – pollution, carbon & methane emissions
  • Consumer Pressure (wean us off gas cars, plastic bottles, straws)
  • Eat Local Produce/Grow Your Own

Design Briefs