Description Exercise

Description Exercise

Name of App ___________________ Type of App _______________

Makers ________________ Year __________________

Use app, answer Qs, write report.

Report includes a 2 or 3 sentence overview/summary and answer to questions below

How it looks. Describe what you see, 

  • Splash pages 
  • Number of pages – 
  • Design of pages and sub pages what visual images are on each one 
    • images, animations, objects, characters, UI, style of UI 
    • Why are these graphics  chosen 
  • Effectiveness of design – how does it add to the meaning/story/gameplay – why and why not? 

Dramatic/Narrative structures.

  • Background story/basic premise?
  • Relation of game to common knowledge?
  • How challenges are presented? How tension is raised?
  • Role of the player? What are they thinking as they play?
  • Effectiveness of “narrative” – why and why not?

What you can do/what it does 

For each page.

  • What can you do?
  • What is the effect of your action?
  • What happens without your input?
  • Objectives of player?
  • Rules requiring action.
  • Rules preventing action.
  • What strategies does it suggest to the player?
  • Effectiveness of “play” – why and why not? 

Under the Hood  

  • Source system -> Procedural model (implementation/weighting)
  • Given your experience of play reverse engineer
    • Starting action: How to put the game into play. 
    • Progression of action: Ongoing procedures after start
    • Special actions: Available conditional to other elements or game state.
    • Resolving actions: Bring gameplay to a close.o
  • What strategies does it suggest to the player?
  • Refinements that suggest themselves?
  • Effectiveness of “simulation” – why and why not?