Interactive Fiction Schedule 15

Module One: Hamlet on the Holodeck

Jan 26 Mon – introduction of syllabus and selves

Jan 28 Wed – Chapter One and Luc Courchesne

Feb 2 Mon – Chapter Two and PLACEHOLDER (Brenda Laurel et al) and Hegirascope (Stuart Moulthrop)
Presenters: Stanzi and Tae

Feb 4 Wed – Chapter Three, AI, Eliza
Presenters: Carl, Ling, Yuqing, Shika
A good version of Eliza

* BRING packet of Index Cards *

Feb 9 Mon – At home assignment
1. Read : Interactive Story Structures at

2. Creative Exercise – DO the exercise here – there is no wrong way to do it! It’s an exercise to get you thinking! You may think about using the story structure ideas or not.

Feb 11 Wed – Eliza workshop (bumped to Wednesday)

Feb 16 Mon – Chapter 4, Immersion Navigation,
Presenters: Anna, Kelley, Kevin

Feb 18 Wed – Chapter 5, Agency, constructivism
Presenters: Yulia, Kyle, Arthur

  • VR, osmose, kidsroom, slater

Feb 23 Mon – Chapter 6, Transformation
Presenters: Julia, Shen

  • Vali, Mel Slater

Feb 25 Wed – Chapter 7, Procedural Authorship
Presenters: Katherine, Adam

Module Two: Tools

Mar 2 Mon html
Starter Page – hello world
html5 and css from the beginning
HTML5 and css tutorials and documentation
Elevator Pitch descriptions of Project

Mar 4 Wed html, & video javascript tool
Dave Pape
Discussion of Planning Documents

Mar 9 Mon
Twine – presenters Kyle, Ana
inklewriter – presenter Kelley
episodes – presenter Kelley
Unity? – presenter Kevin

Mar 11 Wed – mobile phones and augmented reality apps
Aris – presenter Adam
App Furnace
Aurasma (Kosakow?) – presenter Tae

Mar 16, 18 Recess

Mar 23 Mon
Final Project Proposal Round Up – bring planning documents
Tech Q and As

Mar 25 Wed
Final Project Proposal Round Up – bring planning documents
Tech Q and As

Module Three: Presentations and Workshop:
Q 1/2 and 1/2 or one class presentations and one class workshop??

Mar 30 Mon
Kevin – Deus Ex: Human Revolution or Facade
Ling Xiang – Pandemic Rooms

April 1 Wed
Yuqing – Is it Time Yet
Anna – Passage

April 6 Mon
Adam – Patchwork Girl
Shen – Blackwood Prologue

April 8 Wed
Kelley – Inkle Studio’s  80 days
Kyle – Dragon Age: Inquisition

April 13 Mon
Julia Timerson – Inkle’s  Socrcery!
Arthur – Braid

April 15 Wed
PLAYING first version of PROJECTS

April 20 Mon
Tae and Stanzi on Brecht

April 22 Wed
Shikha – Caitlin Fisher
Carl – Eddo Stern’s Waco Resurrection

April 27 Mon

April 29 Wed

May 4 Mon
Demos and Critiques

May 6 Wed
Demos and Critiques