If you build it, they will come.

Degrowth emphasizes the need to reduce global consumption and production (social metabolism) and advocates a socially just and ecologically sustainable society with social and environmental well-being replacing GDP as the indicator of prosperity. (wikipedia) CNBC explains. (~6 min video)

Doughnut Economics is a framework for tacking “Humanity’s 21st century challenge … to meet the needs of all within the means of the planet.” Kate Raworth Ted Talk on Doughnut Economics. (~15 min video)

Our speculations about the future often embrace a death wish – it’s already too late, we are doomed. Or fall back on the infantile desire that some omniscient entity (technology, God, an alien species) will save us. Degrowth and Doughnut Economics suggest a third way, less spectacular, harder work, more responsibility.


Your final project is a group project. Your group’s task is to imagine and build the kind of social media presence that will exist if we seriously engage that third way. Use ideas from our Speculative Fabulation Theme, Degrowth, Doughnut economics, and your own research and speculations. Your project will reflect the future state of climate science, AI, robotics, big data, global health, economics etc. Your project can be fact/fiction/creative non-fiction.

THIS IS A GROUP PROJECT – group size is 4 students. You are responsible for forming groups, and using online tools to organize the work flow with your group. (UB learns, zoom, google docs, sketch.com etc)


  • Mobile friendly website.
  • Existing projects (podcasts, twitter-bots, AR projects)
    • use website to curate/link to all (or most of) your semester projects
    • integrate the disparate elements with common design, logo, visuals
  • Additional social media outlet (Snapchat, WeChat, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc)
    • craft and post at least four additional stories here.
  • You may also extend/finish existing projects: expand your podcasts into a series, elaborate your twitter bots, refine your AR, make your mobile app etc.


  • Initial Design Document including production timetable and clear roles for each group member. (5 points) (Nov 10)
  • Weekly Updates – report on what each group member has done and what they will do in the coming week. (5 points) (Nov 17, 22 and Nov29 or Dec 1 = 3 updates)
  • Finished Project (15 points) – CRITIQUES DEC 6 & 8

Feel free to research and use any website development and hosting plans. Here are some suggestions to get your started. I welcome any additions to this list. There are free plans and/or trials but they may come with some limitations, ads etc. You have to make the site mobile friendly.