TwitterBot: FreeBot

Castles in the Air- Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli

Make a twitter-bot who has concerns for the environment and also for the ethical treatment of technology, including robots and AI. Think about freedom for bots. Think about AI and ethics. If you were a bot what would you want your future to be?

If you don’t have programming experience, use Cheap Bots, Done Quick. You can build a poetic, imaginative bot by making rules that create a variety of tweets which it will tweet out randomly.

Some Bot Stories

Environmental and Sustainable Twitter Accounts FYI

Tech Tools and Tips

Twitter-bot process

  • Make Twitter Account for your bot
  • Choose/Check out bot-making method
  • Write a short proposal for your twitter bot – 1 page max – 280 characters min(!)
    • describe what it will do & what tools you are using to make it
  • Script/Program bot
  • Make bot’s profile background, avatar & bio on twitter
  • Upload link to your bot to UBlearns