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Student Game Show - Monday MAY 2, 6-9pm - CFA 242 & 278

Co-Event with DMS Student Show, 5:00 ->
Here is the Facebook event page

Dhp 129

Dhp 129 is a game about food and where it comes from.
Devin Wilson, Russel Aronchick, Jess Printup

Mind Games

Sarah is a young lady with a troubled past. Complete puzzles and explore her memories to find out just how troubled she is in "Mind Games".
David Kim, Dan Prescott, James Smith

Devil's Breath

Relive the distorted memories of a detective. While the actions were clear, the motives were not. It is up to you to solve the case.
Nate Marquardt, John Longanecker, Leomary Rodriguez, Xiangxiang Zeng

Fatso and Nutreus

Your BODY is in PERIL! It's up to you to save YOURSELF from YOURSELF! Eat better, NOW!
Or face the CONSEQUENCES INSIDE your BODY! <}:^D>
Kevin Diehl, Alex Fineberg, Shirley Allotey, Alex Weidner

A Matter of Scale

Kick a ball, a speck of pollen, a virus! Experience fundamental forces at macro, micro and nano-scale.
Dave Mauzy


She's gonna die - if only I could go back in time to save her. But wait, I just invented a time machine!
Bojan Percevic and Ryan Mallette

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