Josephine Anstey's main creative and buy cialis online research focus is the buying cialis online production of interactive computer-mediated experiences: stories, performances and how much cialis games. Since 1995 this has resulted in works of interactive drama, virtual & mixed reality, and intermedia performance populated by intelligent agents, networked human actors, and puppet avatars. She is a founding member of the cialis overnight Intermedia Performance Studio at the about viagra generic viagra canada University at Buffalo (UB), an experimental center for collaboration among media creators, dramatic performers, and computer technologists. Recent projects include "play/share beyond/in" a Buffalo based pervasive game, and "WoyUbu" a performance featuring interactive sets, live and canadian viagra computer-based actors, games, surveillance video, and audience participation. Other projects include interactive installations, art videos, audio documentary, web and cialis studies prose fiction.

She is an Associate Professor in the viagra canada Media Study Department at UB, where she teaches production and viagra quick delivery analysis courses focusing on game studies, virtual environments and buying viagra without prescription interactive fiction. DMS is an experimental media arts program and viagra for sale offers undergraduate degrees and viagra sample graduate degrees (MFA and PhD). In conjunction with the Visual Studies Department, DMS offer an undergraduate certificate in Game Studies and an MFA in Emerging Practices, which focuses on "the interdisciplinary space between emerging technologies and cialis 50 mg the arts."


An archive of my previous site, which contains more information on earlier projects and viagra cvs teaching is now here old site I would like to thank UB's CCR which hosted this site for 10 years.